Unalterable Love and Grace

yellow-orange sunset with puffy dark clouds touched with red

God is eternally unchanging. Isn’t that beautiful? I was pondering that this morning. I think I tend to think of it in terms of “God never changes.” But it’s more than that too. It’s also “Nothing can change God.” God being unchanging means His wonderful attributes are never conditional. You cannot hinder His overwhelming love […]

Head Above the Waves

Picture of an orange and red sunset over water.

Do you ever finally get your head above the waves, and then wonder ‘okay, now what?’ It’s weird. I’m sure a lot of people can relate to that feeling of go-go-go, constantly fighting, perpetually healing, and usually struggling. I know most of my life was spent that way in multiple arenas. But at some point […]

15-Minute Masterpieces

Pen and ink drawing of a man looking up

I am learning to be okay and cool and chill with the fact that a 15 minute sketch differs in quality from a 15 hour drawing, and always will. I find it so interesting the sky-high expectations we have of ourselves (or at least I hope it’s not just me). I got my license two […]

Be Too Jesus-y

Pictures of blue sky with puffy pink and yellow clouds

Don’t sell your calling short. I remember being younger and thinking there were people that were ‘too Jesus-y’. There were the ‘normal’ Christians, and then there were the weird Christians. The church on Sunday and life during the week Christians, and then the Jesus every waking minute weird Christians. And then somewhere along the way […]

What Happened in 2022

Picture of Elleina with her hand covering and hair hanging over her face.

Things that happened in a year: – I learned that I don’t suck at caring for plants, (although I am still trying to revive a few from the damage I did to them in the past), they just require love, knowledge, and a sprinkle of effort (like 99% of life). – I can legally wreak […]


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